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Thread: WDW Foods

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    Question WDW Foods

    Does anyone remember the Mickey Cereal? They used to sell it at Dixie Landings and the Contemporary Fun Center (probably others too, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head) It had Mickey-shaped pieces, and flakes, and granola bits, but it was REALLY yummy.

    Did Disney do away with that completely, b/c I've looked for it EVERYWHERE and can't find it. Can you get it anywhere online?

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    Re: WDW Foods

    i remember it....but i havent seen it either....sadly

    im sure someone here might know...
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    Re: WDW Foods

    OMG, I used to LOVE that stuff! We always ate it at the Grand Floridian Cafe... I think it was called 'Mickey Muslei' on that menu. Not to be TMI, but I always used to get very regular after a couple of days of Mickey Muslei. I bought regular Muslei at home, but I have never found muslei that good. I have not seen it for a good ten years or so!

    I can taste it now!!!

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