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    Red Face What Are Your Spooky Ideal Enhancements for The Haunted Mansion's Refurb

    Here's mine. I would love a simple effect built into each ride. At one point I would love for our Ghost Host to mention "Please excuse the passing of one of our inhabitants" and then you suddenly feel a cool push of cold air shoot from one side of the buggy to the other side or outward towards the front. Basically wherever you're sitting you should feel a chilly presence pass through you as one of the Haunted Inhabitants passes by your Doom Buggy.

    What are your spooky ideal enhancements for the new Haunted Mansion Refurb?

    And anything goes. Have some fun with this thread.
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    Re: What Are Your Spooky Ideal Enhancements for The Haunted Mansion's Refurb

    that's a great idea. My ideal enhancements??? Better effects for the seance room. Those instruments hanging by fishing line? just NOT doing it for me, maybe, they could stop the doombuggys for only a few seconds....surrounding the table (like a real seance)....then instead of those silly instruments, have green "ghost" lights flowing up the walls, and around the doom buggys.....candle sconces on the wall..that blow out when the lights start dancing.....and the table float up from the floor. Then, have Leota say something like...."run, leave this place...quickly while you still can." then, the doombuggys start up again.

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