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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    The parade Route needs to be a lot wider. But what else? Hmm...

    Move Festival of the Lion King to Africa. Character Greeting can be done in a different area while they convert the existing Camp Minnie-Mickey, as well as the large plots of land around it, into Beastlie Kingdomme. And it will connect with Africa. Fixing the gap in the pathway system around the park. On the way from Africa to Beastlie Kingdomme, you can experience a much smaller version of Camp Minnie-Mickey, which basically consists of just the character meet-and-greets.

    In Asia, the area near the lake needs to be widened, and some areas lowered. This will provide an excellent viewing area for a nighttime show on the lake.

    I love the idea of adding Australia. So between the Dinoland to Asia Bridge and actual Dinoland, Australia would be added. What would it include? Well, Australian animals, the Finding Nemo Musical, and a dark ride based on the Rescuers Down Under. (If I don't base something on a movie, marketing would kill me, and besides, DAK needs a dark ride.)

    Dinoland would be fixed. By that, I mean removing Chester & Hester's, fixing DINOSAUR, (I mean, some effects haven't worked since the thing opened, and that ride has potential!!!) and figuring out a way to build the rollercoaster that was present in Dinoland's concept art.

    Now, I talked about adding Beastlie Kingdomme, but I didn't really go into what it would have in it. Well, no more. This land would include four different zones which would blend very well together, but each have their own unique qualities.

    First, there is an area based on the dark side of lore. Although I don't plan to tie any area into one movie, you will understand the theming much more if I describe how each zone's theming is inspired by a movie or movies. The dark side is based on movies like The Black Cauldron and Sleeping Beauty. Very dark in parts, and that's what we're going for. This is where the Dragons live, and they terrorize the area.

    Another area is based on Merlin and his Zoo of Animals. Here, you'll be able to get up close and personal with freely roaming animatronic animals like Unicorns and other mythical animals.

    Another area is based on Fantasia and the lore it presents. It actually makes sense to have this zone based upon the movie. Fantasia serves as a boundary between the dark area and Merlin's Zoo. Bald Mountain (no, I'm not building any mountains in this area except for one that we haven't gotten to yet, Bald Mountain is just for the theme) is on one side, the other side has the unicorns from Greek Mythology. A perfect transition.

    And finally, there is one more land. It's based upon a Captain Nemo. Some of you will remember it from a park called Tokyo Disney Sea. My version is a little different. There will be a Volcano, almost as tall as Everest. The park needs to be balanced, and a mountain on that side of the park is needed. Journey to the Center of the Earth is a perfect addition to the park. Now, my version of this area is different because there will actually be an area of Nemo's attraction that takes you to an Arctic region. When you exit, you will have the chance to get up close with some Polar bears and Puffins. I know it doesn't entirely sound logical, but the way I have it planned out, it works perfectly. lol

    So that is how I would fix the park. Were we supposed to have some type of budget? Ha!

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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    I just a three part article on this very topic. I'll link it here and let me know what you think

    My ideas in short are this, at Camp Minnie Mickey create an America land around a Grizzly walk-thru exhibit and an Amazon River cruise, use the Nemo show as a launchpad for either an Oceans or an Australia land, and finally use the Narnia franchise as the backbone for a re-invented Beastly Kigdomme
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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ringu View Post
    Dinosaurs, insects, yeti, there are way more than "no animatronic animals". As for animal numbers...if you been to some better zoo, you'll know, or you could keep being confused. There are too many other zoo out there better than DAK in terms of animal variety.
    Your post implied that a majority of the animals present in DAK are animatronics.

    Dinosaurs, Insects, and Yeti are in the minority. It's pretty clear that real animals are in the majority, not the minority.

    DAK is also not a zoo. It's a theme park with animal attractions. If I want a zoo, I'll go to the Columbus Zoo. If I want a good mix of theme park and animals, I'll go to DAK.

    However, point is, there are still much more animal exhibits than animatronics:
    • Oasis -- entrance area that most people pass by, quite a lot of hidden animal treasures to be found here.
    • Pocahontas and her Forest Friends live animal show
    • Kilamanjaro Safaris -- quite a lot of animals here, probably many more than you realize
    • Pangani Forest Exploration trail -- features a very large aviary as well as numerous animals and animal exhibits
    • Wildlife Express Train -- animals can be viewed in this behind-the-scenes trip
    • Habbitat Habit! -- Cottontop Tamarin primates are featured here
    • Affection Section -- petting zoo with goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, chickens, etc.
    • Conservation Station -- stick around for some up-close experiences of animals you may not see normally at DAK. Also, more behind the scenes care.
    • Flights of Wonder -- bird show
    • Maharajah Jungle Trek -- another trail with quite a lot of animal exhibits (including my favorites -- the flying foxes)
    • Dinoland USA -- crocodile, storks, tortoises...
    And then there's other minor exhibits to be seen in between all of this!

    Meanwhile, the following have animatronics:
    • Dinosaur! (formerly, Countdown to Extinction)
    • It's Tough to be a Bug!
    • Legend of the Lion King
    • Expedition Everest
    See what I mean? Hundreds of animal exhibits versus four attractions (five if you count the brief appearance of Lucky) -- it's very clear that the animatronics are the minority.

    If Beastlie Kingdomme is ever achieved, this will clearly change a bit... but it will probably balance out only very slightly. The focus will still be on live animals.

    DAK may not have the number of exhibits of a normal zoo, but a normal zoo also doesn't have thrill rides.

    Also, be aware that DAK has two things that normal zoos don't have that's an overlooked advantage:
    • Flora and Fauna -- many rare and exotic plants are found in DAK and often overlooked. In fact, DAK will possibly be the only chance that some of us have to see some of these exotic plants, such as the Corpse Flower.
    • Okapi -- very rare in the wild, you're lucky if you see a zoo have one. They aren't quite endangered, but they do have a status of "Near Threatened." DAK has at least one. Columbus Zoo has one. Births in North America of Okapi is a great cause for celebration since it rarely ever happens.

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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    Put in Star Trek transporters at each ride and attraction so you can get around the insane crowds and the lack of decent walkways. Getting out of the Lion King show is ridiculous!!! Of course I would be the only one that has a phaser to handle crowd control!!
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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    Some of my ideas have already been stated above. But the biggest problem is Camp Minnie-Mickey. What a waste of space. Move Lion King to Africa and do something with this area.

    I actually DON'T want to see Beastly Kingdomme. I think that ship has sailed. WDW has enough places for "fantasy", and any new fantasy park is going to look like a cheap effort to compete with Harry Potter. DAK works best as a reflection of reality -- i.e., Africa and Asia. Turn the CMM area into a new geographic region like South America (rain forests) or North America (Pacific Northwest like Brother Bear) or Antarctica, but make it a richly themed new land in that vein, which provides opportunity for great new attractions and new wildlife.

    I would love to see them add Australia, but b/c of the Finding Nemo show I guess they would have to put it where Dinorama is (which also needs to be replaced). This is fine, but it cuts into Dinoland and also limits how big Australia could be.

    Anyway, I want CMM developed into something big and grand, but it needs to be grounded in reality like the other successful areas of the park.
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    Talking Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    [quote=FrumiousBoojum;1862690]Personally, I don't think rides are lacking. Rides are a bonus, not the main attraction for me.

    I find Kilimanjaro Safaris to be one of the most re ridable rides. Even moreso than its cousin, Jungle Cruise.
    What a great idea! Bring the Kilimanjaro Safari in line with the Jungle Cruise concept. A humorous CM guide with a funny canned spiel that they can add their own ad lib bits into to deal with the fact that the animals are live. This thing could actually be entertaining like the Jungle Cruise and less preachy while providing guests with the opportunity to see these animals roaming around. Yes. I'm serious.
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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    I love DAK! It's my favorite park at WDW, but all the parks can definitely be improved. There have been many excellent suggestions in the thread already. In fact, I don't think I have much to add. I like the idea of another dark ride--an attraction that the whole family could enjoy. And maybe they should add something more along the trail to Conservation Station from the train stop--something to draw more people up to that section of the park. Just my $.02.

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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Armadillo4 View Post
    I love DAK! It's my favorite park at WDW, but all the parks can definitely be improved. There have been many excellent suggestions in the thread already. In fact, I don't think I have much to add. I like the idea of another dark ride--an attraction that the whole family could enjoy. And maybe they should add something more along the trail to Conservation Station from the train stop--something to draw more people up to that section of the park. Just my $.02.
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    Re: How would you improve Animal Kingdom?

    The big problem and the one that should be fixed first is with the 7 lands. Some of them have good themes that are being misplaced.

    Dinoland USA - like everyone else says this WHOLE land needs to be rethemed. The way it is now sounds too much like the DinoSphere at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (and I'm already so bored with that museum seeing how often I have visited it). I think the whole Dinoland needs to have more of a prehistoric theme, I wanna feel like I have gone back in time to the age of Dinosaurs. I suggest getting a volcanoe for the heart of the land like they did at Tokyo DisneySea.

    Africa - I agree, move The Festival of The Lion King to Africa

    Camp Mickey-Minnie - this land can be disposed or otherwised rethemed into a North American wildlife themed land with Bears and Pumas and such. That way you can keep the Pocahontas show. The Festival of the Lion King does not fit in this land.

    Add a new continental land - I strongly suggest Australia

    That's all I can think of but I have yet to really judge this park since I have yet to visit it.

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