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    Yes Monorial Yell still hs touch screen. (and they look great in person)

    There are also 3 other trains that now have touch screen but I cant rember which ones the driver said. If I rember correctly I think she said blue and coral were upgraded
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    More Great Info And Pics

    Type Disney-Bombardier
    Width .66M (26")
    Height 1.22M (48")
    Height at
    Endpoint 2.03M (80")

    Locations Walt Disney World, FL (1971)
    Las Vegas, NV (1995)

    End View (to scale)

    Load tires are 445/65R22.5 Michelin XTE2 46.6" diameter , 17.8" wide truck tires, the same ones you can see on a dump truck or cement mixer.

    The tires are nitrogen-filled to reduce the possibility of fire.
    They also have run-flat capability.
    These tires will last 100,000 miles in normal operation.
    Maximum rated speed for these tires is 65 mph.
    The load capacity of these tires are 12,800 pounds each at maximum inflation.
    There are 12 load tires per 6 car train.
    Load Tire

    These guide tires are 21.5" in diameter.
    In addition, there are two steering wheel tires under each cab car to help steer the suspension up to 3 degrees in either direction.
    Steering is accomplished in the intermediate cars by the relative geometry of the two adjacent cars.
    Thus, all 12 load tires are steerable, and the tires are always tangent to the curve.
    There are 48 guide tires per 6 car train.
    Guide Tire

    The main suspension of the cars above the axles is done with air bags (also called air springs).
    The air bags are automatically inflated/deflated by a leveling valve, which allows varying load
    There are also vertical hydraulic shock absorbers.

    Here is a great drawing of how the monorail rides on the beam
    You can see the large load tire sitting on top of the beam and the four guide tires on the sides.

    and here is how the dirve system fits in teh trains between the cars.

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