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    Re: Disney Accused Of Racial Profiling At Downtown Disney

    OK... I used to be a security manager within a large 2.5 million square feet complex... NUMEROUS times, while escorting individuals off the property I was told I was racist, profiling etc...

    I have kicked out Skateboards for skating in the mall, I've kicked out people in stairwells for drugs etc... All with obvious reasons why they should leave…

    Most causes we would watch to see the activities that are involved before making a call to remove individuals... HECK we had four very large Canadian football players in our mall once with a video camera, pointing and laughing at a lingerie shop we asked them to stop and they did quite politely and moved on. Most people when explained the reason why they are removed or asked to move along are really okay about it. (You really don’t need to give an excuse)

    The only ones that I have ever had a problem with are teenagers that think they are bigger then the system and don't think security has the right to remove them or up to no good, period. (Or they are incapacitated) Whether the be black, white, hispanic, asian, blonde, brunette, gay, straight, bisexual, bestiality, tall, short, skinny, fat or Michael Jackson… As long as they are behaving, There should not be a problem with them…

    As far as all of them being black, they are all friends… SO??? Maybe it should be looked at as they did not include the white or Hispanic guy on the football team to the party? NOW whose the racist... Just kinding... Can't we ALL get along!!!!!!

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    Re: Disney Accused Of Racial Profiling At Downtown Disney

    it wasn't the fact that all 4 of them were black, it was that 45 out of 46 people removed that weekend were either black or hispanic.

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