Most of us are still waiting to watch the latest Harry Potter movie. However, 383 die hard fans came to Downtown Disney's AMC Theater to catch a sneak peek Thursday.
Their costumes were certainly creative. But another creative concept was how the sponsors advertised this event.
The online site MySpace hosted the preview along with Black Curtain Screenings. In order to become one of these lucky few fans, you had to be a MySpace member and have Black Curtain as one of your friends. You then had to print your friends list out and take it to the theater. It's a tactic that fans say has its pros and cons.
"I think it's more effective than on TV, because you'll find the really hardcore fans,” Erin Pine said. “The core fans really get to hear about it through fan sites on MySpace."
"They will spread the word better than anyone else will but if it's bad, they will also spread that word," Magis Dethen said.
These Harry Potter fans say they also can't wait for the final book to come out July 21st. The movie comes out July 11, and of course for Universal's Harry Potter theme park to open up in 2009. They say they'll follow Harry Potter wherever he goes.