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    What is your favorite symbol?

    Like the Wand, the Hat, Timekeeper, The Living Seas, and Journey into Imagination, many objects within the parks have come to symbolise that park for many of us.
    People currently don't seem to be respecting that others have their own symbols. They appear to claim that symbols not their own could ever mean anything. In this light, I want to bring all our symbols together, so that we can share what really tells us "This is Epcot", or "This is the Magic Kingdom", or even the level of "This is Tomorrowland".

    I strongly want to emphasize this: Do NOT pots anything saying how horrible one's symbol is. That is emotional insult and you could just as well be insulting their mother. And do NOT post about a symbol of how things have gone wrong. Only post those things that are positive in your eye. In covering all the bases, do NOT post how a removal of something is positive.
    This is the time to remember what exists that is great, and what to us really makes Walt Disney World worth living for.

    Symbols can be anything from a ride, a place, a theme, music, food, or anything else that just makes you immediately think "This is Disney World"

    You are not limited to posting symbols that have been removed, although they are probably the ones that mean the most to us. As well, try to think of symbols that are already with you now but you do not think of them as such.

    To start with, my symbols for Epcot have always been the animated yellow poles with the moving colored circles rectangles. The fountain has also had significance, but somehow those yellow poles have been more of a symbol as to what Epcot is for me.

    The music for "Ellen's Energy Adventure" is also a strong symbol for me. The music just seems to be absolutely perfect for what Epcot is to me: Upbeat, excitement, full of life, strong pulses with smooth following tones... That is the best I can explain, until someone invents adjectives that can be applied to the emotional control of music.

    The Living Seas had a strong attachment to my childhood, as I thought it the coolest thing in the world. Even though on some level I knew it wasn't a real undersea base, I still remember that sudden freezing of thoughts and the small amount of "Oh..." when I first saw the outside as someone left using the exit doors, rather than taking the hydrolater.

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    Re: What is your favorite symbol?

    these specific "Audio" symbols were always a hook for me

    Magic Kingdom

    Monorail - Please stand clear of the doors (+ the Spanish version)
    Main St - Fortuosity BGM, the Train whistle, the Fire Engine bell, the piano
    Adventureland - Steel drum BGM, Parrot at PoC, Tiki room preshow
    Frontierland - at BTR "hang on to your hats and glasses", screams and splash from Splash Mtn
    Liberty Square - Dog howl at the HM
    Fantasyland - Carousel music
    Tomorrowland - the Speedway cars, the TTA spiel
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    Re: What is your favorite symbol?

    For me, there are several...

    The background music at the parks...especially at Epcot. Disney parks have a certain "mood" or "feel" to them that no other place has, and to me, it's the music that really helps set that mood.

    Far as physical objects, I'd say (in no particular order) Spaceship Earth, Space Mountain, the Contemporary resort and the old symbols for Epcot attractions.

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    Re: What is your favorite symbol?

    The background music... I was listening to the Epcot background music when I wrote that post, I am listening to it as I write this post, and I have been listening to it for the past month whenever on my computer.
    Yet I forgot to post about it...

    The BGMs entitled Innoventions Area and Innoventions Plaza really means the world for me. Also, I am fairly certain that my earliest memory is of me in a stroller going down to Epcot from the buss drop off point, listening to the music, and sighting a hidden speaker for the first time.
    Heh, even at age 4 I was already in training to work in Park Maintenance.

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