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    Disney's Dirty Laundry ...

    The threat of bad press, even online, apparently works at WDW.

    What a non-shock.

    After my recent comments about how horrible the rotten wooden doors were in the Beach Club laundry room and how it would be awful to see pics of them online or even in the media in a 'would you pay $400 to stay here piece?', lo and behold, after years of neglect two brand new steel doors were installed.

    Not only that, but it appears that the whole building was painted too.

    I'm sure Disney had it on its 12-year 'To Do' List and my rantings had nothing to do with it getting fixed ... yep, I sure do.

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    Re: Disney's Dirty Laundry ...

    How long was it between when you posted and when the maintenance took place? Remember it can take several weeks to get a project like that approved.
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