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    Wink meal plan

    I am planning to go to WDW in December. I have never used the meal plan before and I was wondering what everyone's opinion on it was. I have a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old going with me. I know that I do not have to pay for the meal plan for the 2 year old, does that mean that at dinner I will have to purchase her food or is her meal cost free?

    Thanks for any help on this subject.


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    Re: meal plan

    I have no advise to give, but I would like to eat at Le Cellier, I think and maybe the Spirit of Aloha dinner another night.
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    Re: meal plan

    Your options are to either have her share you food or buy her some. When my son was 2 1/2 he just shared from me or my wife.

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    Re: meal plan

    I think the meal plan is Great! (especially when it's free)
    It's almost too much food..
    Also make your reservations as early as possible! (like, right now)

    One thing to remember though is your 6 year old will have to order from a child's menu when one is available (doesn't really apply to buffet's and all-you-care-to-eat restaurants).
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    Re: meal plan

    I am assuming your 2 year old will not eat an entire kids meal. What we did (granted my kids are 9 and 11. My 11 year old eats like an adult) was share breakfast and lunch counter services. We bought 2 breakfasts and shared. My daughter and I shared a kids meal, usualy a huge waffle, sausage AND bacon. She had milk. My son and Husband shared an adult meal and each had a HUGE waffle bacon AND sausage. My son had milk. We had purchased refilable mugs, so my husband and I had coffee. For lunch we would order 2 adult counter service and share those. We found we had so much food we never used snacks. So we filled up our suitcases and brought large snack bags home ( like jerky, pretzles etc.)

    In your case, you could easily share food and if you need too, use your snack credits for your 2 year old. You can buy bananas and cheerios=2 snack credits. Get a ziplock and save some cheerios (too big a contaner for one 2 year old) and eat that the next day. or just share your meal with them. It takes about a day to figure out what will work well for your family.

    This is a great link to help plan your meals and menus
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    Re: meal plan

    I believe the meal plan is great for adults! We've used it twice and saved about 24% or about $240 out of $1000. There is more food available than we wanted or needed. We ate a counter serve and a table serve per day.

    The only thing is, wheither you use the meal plan or not, you need ot make table serve reservations as soon as you can (I believe you can make them 180 days out).

    Just MHO, YMMV


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