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    WDW Jungel Cruise Question

    Quote Originally Posted by techskip View Post
    Because of the generosity of Skips from Tokyo and WDW the Skips of the Disneyland JC amassed a small collection of souvenirs from the other Jungles. We were given a map insert from Tokyo, and Fastpasses from WDW. HK hadn't opened yet so all we had were articles and pictures from Imagineering previews. Properly themed and framed they serve as a reminder to our Skippers that the Jungle Cruise is in 4 of the 5 Kingdoms! We wanted to share. We prepared 3 packages.

    WDW recieved a map insert from Tokyo, HK Pictures, and our map.Most people think that map came from Imagineering... it was drawn by one of our own Skips, Imagineering loved it and approved it for our little Magic Moments! Because a lot of us knew the JC Florida Skips we also put together a card, usual banter from us to them! Off that went via internal mail.

    I have close friends in the mail room, old friends, so I know they were mailed out... I just wonder... did they ever get there? As a Skip it is one of my proudest accomplishments, to be able to share among all 4 Jungles. Hopefully they made it, I'd love to travel to the other parks and possibly see something like that some day.
    The entire thread is on the Disneyland forum. I just wanted to know if anything we sent to our cousins in the Florida JC ever made it. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread but if you know something please message me.
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    Re: WDW Jungel Cruise Question

    Hmm, I'll look into it. Just curious, got a pic of the map? lol

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    Re: WDW Jungel Cruise Question

    I have a friend who works over there, I'll see if he knows anything.

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