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    Question January 08 trip.

    Is January a good (non-crowded) time to go to the parks? I'll be spending a week there (probably in a timeshare off the resort but nearby) and was just wondering what I should be expecting. Also, how is the weather in January? Any tips for us? We're spending 4 days at the Disney parks, 1 day at Sea World, 1 day at Universal Studios and 1 day at Kennedy Space Center.

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    Re: January 08 trip.

    When in Jan are you planning on going? I wouldn't go during the first week. The rest of the month won't be over crowded. A good guide is to look at what Disney calls "value season" for hotel prices. That is a good estimate as to crowds.

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    Re: January 08 trip.

    January after the first week is a decent time to go. Just be prepared weather-wise. During the day it can be t-shirt weather, but at night it can get downright cold and you'd need at least a sweater or sweatshirt to keep warm. Or sometimes it'll be nice and sunny during the day, but the wind will be freaking cold, like it was when I went in mid/late January this year... not a cloud in the sky but I was glad I took a light sweater to wear over my t-shirt because it was quite windy all day and it was COLD!

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    Re: January 08 trip.

    My boyfriend and I went to Walt Disney World the first time ever this past January and we are going back next January. We went during the second week of January and we are doing that again next year. The weekend before we got there was the half-marathon, so there were a lot of those people still around that week. But, there were little to no waits the whole week we were there. We are Disneyland vets, and there were more people at Disney World than there were at Disneyland when we went there in January back in 2006. At WDW, a few rides were closed (Rock 'n Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain, and El Rio del Tiempo). And it looks like Space Mountain is one of the rides that will be closed next year. Overall, I really enjoyed it and the crowds were not a big issue for us. Weather-wise, it never rained and it was in the high 70's for half of the week and in high 60's for the rest. My boyfriend and I are from San Francisco, so we are used to cold weather. I definietly recommend going after the first week in January.

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    Re: January 08 trip.

    The WDW Marathon weekend is Jan 12 & 13 in 08. With the 15th anniversery of the marathon and the record number of runners entered, expect it to be busy from 1/9-1/14. Afterwards is quiet.

    This is the way it has been the last 2 years when doing Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge(doing the 1/2 marathon on Sat and the marathon on Sun). Will be doing my 3rd in Jan.
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