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    RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    If you hadn't seen them.. the dates are finally confirmed and on Disneyworld's website

    Sept 4 - Oct 4 for RnRC

    That puts us at
    SSE down through Nov 13
    RnRC down Sept 4 - Oct 4
    BTMR down Oct 1 - Oct 24
    HM down through Sept 12
    Astro Orbiter Sept 9 - Sept 22
    Riverboat down again briefly Sept 17-20

    That's four major attractions down spread across the 2 month period.. lets hope the work holds up!
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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    (If) We go in september, RnRC will be down! But if we go in october, Big Thunder Mountain will be down! Damn...

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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    Man! That's SSE, RnRC, Astro Orbiter and Roverboat down while we're there!

    O well! I'm sure we'll ahve fun anyway! And it gives me a good excuse to drag him back there!
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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    Attractions being down for maintainance is a good thing. It means they're getting the TLC they need.

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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    The list keeps growing for our Sept 1 - 9 trip but I understand it has to happen sometime. The only things we will completely miss are HM and SSE as long as we plan accordingly.

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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    Ugh, now I don't have much of an excuse to not ride RNRC
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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    While I'm dissapointed that SSE will be down for our whole trip, and Big Thunder will be down for most of it, I'm glad that WDW is getting some TLC.

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    Re: RnRC Refurb Dates posted - More WDW Dates up

    We'll be there October 28th...most things should just be back up, but we'll have to make a special return trip for SSE.

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