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    World Showcase Christmas Storytellers

    For anyone wondering exactly who, what and where the International Storytellers will be for Christmas at the World Showcase in Epcot this year, here is a listing:

    United Kingdom Pavilion - Father Christmas
    Jolly Father Christmas shares traditional tales of decorating with boughs of holly and sending Christmas cards, both traditions that began in the United Kingdom.

    China Pavilion - Monkey King
    The famous and agile Monkey King can weave a tall tale with twists and turns.

    Italy Pavilion-La Befana
    La Befana is Italy's good Christmas witch. She comes down the chimney of the bambinos and leaves treats. She tells the sweet story of the celebration of the Epiphany in Italy.

    Morocco Pavilion- Taarji
    Taarji, a storytelling drummer, shares the meaning of Ramadan, and tells the story of the nightly celebration which occurs when the fast is broken.

    Canada Pavilion– Papa Noel
    Papa Noel tells the story of Christmas in Canada, the largest country in the world!

    Norway Pavilion – Sigrid & Julinessen
    Sigrid tells the story of Bergen, her town, and the snowy nights and warm fires along with the wonderful creatures known as nisse or gnomes.
    Julenissen is a feisty, fun and legendary gnome that tells his version of Christmastime in Norway while teasing Sigrid.

    Mexico Pavilion– Juan, Carlos & Miguel
    Three Storytellers who assume the roles of the Three Kings, Melchior, Gaspar & Balthazaar during the interactive storytelling of Dia de Los Tres Reyes Mago.

    American Adventure Pavilion– Chanukah Storyteller & Kwanzaa Storyteller
    Chanukah is a time for family and friends that is steeped in rich traditions. This storyteller tells the story of the eight day festival of lights with guests at American Adventure.
    Kwanzaa Storyteller shares the cultural and spiritual celebration known as Kwanzaa.

    Japan Pavilion – Daruma Vendor
    The Daruma Vendor entertains guests as she tells the story of Japanese New Year and the history of the Daruma.

    Germany Pavilion– Germany Storyteller
    Learn about the traditions of Christmas trees and of St. Nicholas while experiencing an appearance by a special guest.

    France Pavilion - Pere Noel
    Pere Noel wishes everyone a "Joyeux Noel!" He reads letters written to him from children and relives a magical evening.

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    Re: World Showcase Christmas Storytellers

    Thanks for the information. I will be visiting Disney World from the 5th of December until the 11th.
    Disneyland Here I Come Again!
    October 1, to October 6, 2015

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    Re: World Showcase Christmas Storytellers

    Glad to be of service Barbaraann. Have a very, merry time !!!

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