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    Certified Left Coast Disney Geek Heads East

    You won’t know the name, but Richard Kraft is a player in Hollywood. He’s an agent to the stars.
    Star movie music composers.
    Quick-witted, narcissistic, self-effacing and disarming, he’s also the very definition of a bon vivant. He lives large, and shares his infectious, obsessive love for theme parks, movie music, all manner of collectibles and celebrating life with his son, Nicky.
    He’s turned his mania for celebrating into a documentary, originally intended as a goofy element of his 45th birthday party. Finding Kraftland, about Richard’s love of Disneyiana, roller coasters (he’s ridden well over 400), theme parks, collecting and music, is making the festival rounds.
    "I think of it as a celebration of narcissism. EVERY autobiography is narcissistic. The way we take an edge off it is that the only person who is the object of a joke is me.
    It’s showing twice this weekend at the Central Florida Film Festival in Kissimmee (http://www,, tonight at 7 and sunday at 6:30, at the Osceola Center for the Arts.
    And Richard and Nicky are here. They’ve become "obsessive" attenders of film festivals where their very funny movie is showing.
    He chatted, "dripping with sweat from the Animal Kingdom," from the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where he’d just come in from a day in the park.

    See the complete article and interview here:

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    Re: Certified Left Coast Disney Geek Heads East

    Werner Weiss (yesterland) actually talked a bit about Finding Kraftland recently in a column - so if you'd like to know more about the man or the film, read that article.

    It was enough to entice a small sprinkling of NW Micechatters got to see the film and listen to Richard and Nicky talk about it. More about that here.
    I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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    then 10 seconds later you’d be playing like you were best friends?"
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    Re: Certified Left Coast Disney Geek Heads East

    Oh, man, this movie needs to come to Georgia *soon.* I've been keeping up with the newsposts on the website, and I'm anxious to see it for myself.
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