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    Tower of Terror Accident?

    Hey guys! Due to a post I read, I learned that there was an accident at Tower of Terror...a 15 year old British girl ended up in critical condition (this was years and years ago).

    I researched through Google, and while I discovered the story, I couldn't find any articles wrapping it up...the furthest I found was that Disney had some inspectors come out or something.

    Did the girl ever recover? Did she have some sort of physical condition, mixed with the attraction, to cause what had happened?

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    Re: Tower of Terror Accident?
    A British teenager who almost died after a Walt Disney World ride last month was flown home during the weekend, still in critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest.
    That's probably the last article that was written about it. I can't imagine this situation was caused by anything other than a preexisting condition.

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