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    mansion, and mainstreet pictures

    I was looking at everyoneís pictures lately and decided to share a few of my own.

    For those of you who donít know what Figaro fries are

    Some interesting Mansion pictures Note NONE were taken with flash

    Some Halloween merchandise

    construction walls around the castle, presumably to install the new holiday lights on the castle.

    Some of the main street decorations. I really love how the pumpkins have been carved to reflect the storefronts.

    and finally a window dedicated to a real Disney legend.

    thatís it for now. Am sure there will be more next week.

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    Re: mansion, and mainstreet pictures

    Nice pics! Thanks.

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    Re: mansion, and mainstreet pictures

    Great pictures of the Haunted Mansion. Interesting to know, that they didn't change into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, like Disneyland's does.

    Mark, just asked me that one while we were in the stand-by line at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion and I kept thinking no for WDW. They keep it the same for WDW.

    Thanks for showing you Haunted Mansion and Main Street USA pictures.

    I would had gotten hungry for hot dogs, if you showed Casey's Corner.

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    Re: mansion, and mainstreet pictures

    nice pictures .

    thanks for sharing !

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    Re: mansion, and mainstreet pictures

    does that mean that the humpbacked hitch hiking ghost with the top hat is "brother dave"?
    i've never heard him called that before...

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