We are in the middle of moving, and don't have any phone service or internet until tomorrow here - but I've got a tiny signal on someone elses network right now.

I met some friends for dinner tonight - I wasn't so much looking forward to the meal (at Le Cellier) since my last two experiences there - last week - were very mediocre, I'm not going back anytime soon. But I noticed that Teppan Edo looked open, so I went up the stairs. They weren't open for reservations, just for walk-ups.

Anyway, I'll have pics and a review by tomorrow. I left my cable for uploading pictures back at the apartment, but my DH might be able to get them online through his computer. But the restaurant looks VERY nice, and the food was great (very similar to before, on the Teppan Edo side). The Tokyo Dining room looks beautiful too, I haven't seen a menu there yet - but it's more for sushi and such.