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    DHS Halloween Party

    I've heard quite a bit of talk about a NBC themed DHS Halloween party to rival Universal's HHN. I thought it might b enice to get some ideas for how, realistically, the party would work in the park.

    I would like to see all of Sunset Boulevard remain largely the same at night. I think that the TOT queue would make the perfect place to do a haunted-style attraction line. Make the line itself become a haunted house, with another queue line to enter the house itself. At the end of the house, you would actually enter the attraction, to have it become one huge, cohesive thing.

    Also, possibly reworking Fantasmic with more emphasis on the villains for a Halloween theme. Our Fantasmic has been long behind Disneyland's since it began. Maybe a fresh theme would spice it up a little...?

    Any other ideas?

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    Re: DHS Halloween Party

    You cannot "rework" Fantasmic. If you knew what went into each show you would know it is a complex thing. Also, Fantasmic has never been long behind DL's version. Michael Eisner asked that it be different to add updated movies (Pocahontas instead of Peter Pan) and there was only so much room to create a stage and stadium.

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    Re: DHS Halloween Party

    What's this about a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS dark ride? Sounds cool.

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