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    Small World Holiday?

    We'll be at Disney World during the week of Christmas. I'm just wondering, does Disney World's Small World do a Christmas overlay or no? Here in Anaheim and Paris they do, but not sure about Florida. I know they don't do Haunted Mansion Holiday or Country Bear Christmas Special anymore.

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    Re: Small World Holiday?

    No overlays for any WDW attractions for the holidays. Not even the traditional Country Bears overlay.

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    Re: Small World Holiday?

    *sniffle* Thanks for reminding me ...

    Really though, I suppose I could dig out my video from 2005 of Small World Holiday to cheer me up. I think that is so well done...makes me want to visit DL this year.

    It's a shame that WDW doesn't consider the Country Bears Christmas show to be worth the minimal investment. The same decorations that dug out year after year are getting a bit stale (for me, at least), yet that show never did. At least come up with a new holiday show for another attraction...oh well.
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    Re: Small World Holiday?

    The closest thing we get is the holiday decor at the resorts and in the parks. They no longer dress up the attractions like they do in California. As noted above the only attraction with a holiday overlay was the country bears but they are not going to do again this year.

    There are special parades in AK/MGM, The Osborne family lights and the candlelight processional at Epcot. So don't worry you will have some holiday magic, just not on the rides themselves.
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    Sad Re: Small World Holiday?

    Sadly, we will probably never see another holiday themed attraction again!!!
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    Re: Small World Holiday?

    You know, if enough people want it, maybe WDW management will listen! Perhaps y'all should have a campaign. Small World Holiday is awesome (I'm a Disneylander) and I know the locals would love it too. It's just one of those things that really puts people in the holiday mood.

    Do you suppose they hesitate because of the lack of queue space? DL's version does get a little crazy around Christmas with the lines...

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