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    Re: Will It Ever Stop? The Slamming of How Magic Kingdom can't compare to Disneyland?

    I way prefer Disneylands Nemo, but they really can't be compared. The two attractions are completely different.

    Favorite TDL Typo:

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN View Post
    I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
    on Bay Lake.

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    Re: Will It Ever Stop? The Slamming of How Magic Kingdom can't compare to Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by tasman View Post
    ^^^ I know everyone intends well, but how ironic was it that after "Nemo Lite" had been declared so many times as inferior on Micechat / Miceage in comparison to the DL version, even before both had opened....and it turned out that this far more lowly budgeted version turned to be a more enjoyable ride, with better use of the new projection technology.
    The return of the subs represents much more to Disneyland than just some gimmick of seeing projected fish from a submarine. Just watching the subs go through the lagoon is basis enough for a good quality ride. If a person has only been to WDW and is either too young to have witnessed their subs or never visited when they had them, this site is something that is really quite indescribable.

    Does this make DL better than the MK? Not in my opinion. The subs were necessary in order to keep the "Disney" in Disneyland, which could have easily gotten lost especially since the DLR does not have the advantage of size to hide things as easily. WDW also brought back a new and they say better (I haven't seen it) Haunted Mansion so hopefully that is a sign for similar improvements there -- and let me say that it would be great if MK had their subs back too!

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    Re: Will It Ever Stop? The Slamming of How Magic Kingdom can't compare to Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN View Post
    This is a cultural thing... OLC realizes they have been trusted with the "Disney" brand, and they recognize the quality that is supposed to go with it.. Sometimes, I wish Disney would too.
    The Oriental Land Company is contractually obligated to maintain certain standards. Definitely more willing to invest, but not entirely out of a grand respect for Walt Disney.

    Quote Originally Posted by Parisi View Post
    4. Our Theming is much better (I never understood why PotC in DL is in New Orleans)
    Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is nothing compared to Disneyland's. The Georgia red clay of Chickapin Hill looks very odd sitting between two southwestern points. Tomorrowland is half finished and has an ugly "power plant". ToonTown Fair is a joke of a land. Main Street, USA is a big box store bisected by a road.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coheteboy View Post
    3. MK is bigger because it has to be. There's more visitors. But bigger also means more empty with less to see and do.
    Disneyland does a very good job of keeping up with the larger Magic Kingdom.

    Quote Originally Posted by Parisi View Post
    At least in the MK its in a building that fits the theme of the ride.
    It might fit the theme better (I don't agree), but the attraction at the Magic Kingdom is simply the weakest version.

    Quote Originally Posted by SummerInFL View Post
    I do have to say my only issue with Space Mountain at MK is there is spot right as your going up a hill that you hear and feel a latch catch the bottom of the car and there is something in the back of my head that goes, what if one day that latch just misses, we would be so screwed..
    A few years ago I rode a pier roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ. The car had to be manually pushed out of the station, missed the lift chain and had to be manually pushed onto it, and had manually operated station breaks. This thing also had a loop!

    Quote Originally Posted by yoyoflamingo View Post
    It's more the liveliness of the atmosphere in WDW's Tomorrowland that I find more appealing, the moving planets, the neon lights, stuff like that. I found DL's TL to be a much more visually uninteresting and sterile place.
    It really is a shame they never finished.

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