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    Re: Bed Bugs Visit Disney And They Pay Off The Guests Affected

    Quote Originally Posted by BALASADA View Post
    Now let us hope that the British don't bring the Norivirus with them when they visit. It has already affected over 2.8 million
    Quote Originally Posted by Wesley815 View Post
    Dirty tourists bring them in, pretty nasty. Then the next guests in the room have to deal with them.

    Yikes! Do some research before posting, please.
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    Re: Bed Bugs Visit Disney And They Pay Off The Guests Affected

    Quote Originally Posted by Olympicnut View Post
    Uh, no.


    As someone stated, bed bugs have become more prevalent for a number of reasons. Most notably, the lack of pesticides used in hotel rooms. Time was that all hotel rooms were sprayed with bug spray. Nowadays, not so much. That coupled with more international travel and lack of spraying commercial aircraft for pests (again, there was a time when all flights coming into the US from abroad were sprayed inside and out when the plane landed), it's no wonder these little critters are having a comeback.

    They are nasty. My 2 nieces got them in Ireland and one of them just had nasty reactions to the bites. Poor thing looked awful.

    The thing to do is lift the mattress and look under the sheets, in the creases of the bed and in those areas. If ya see lots of little black dots, more than likely it's bed bugs.


    Nothing to do with dirt or anything along those lines. For all anybody knows they may be a vector themselves. You stay at a place with the bugs, they get in whatever you sleep in, you pack it up and now they are in your suitcase. Maybe now you go to a new hotel, and poof, more bedbugs.

    Schools have the same problem with lice. My kids came home with it. Without resorting to toxic chemicals, they require herculean measures to control (hot hot wash on all linens, vaccum all surfaces, bag all stuffed animals for two weeks)

    It's a matter of finding out that the chemicals used to kill bugs in the past tend to do an even better job at killing humans.

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    Re: Bed Bugs Visit Disney And They Pay Off The Guests Affected

    The thought of lice bothers me more than bedbugs, I think (just the thought of anything in my hair!) I would hate either. As far as psychological trauma, etc. - anything can do that. A friend of mine was itching about 4 years ago like crazy, and it turned out to be lymphoma. She died at age 37, with 6 kids. So anytime I have unexplained itching, I think about that.

    I do try to be really careful in hotel rooms to check, but I do forget sometimes. I do think that hotels should be more proactive and have placards just in case. It isn't something pretty to think about, but better to check than be bitten.

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