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    Re: space ship earth question

    I wonder if disney website is automatically created so it will not show start dates earlier than today. I guess I will know tomorrow 1/18 if it shows 1/18.

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    Re: space ship earth question

    Quote Originally Posted by OFTEric View Post
    The Disney website will always show today as the start of the rehab... just fyi.
    Ah, I wasn't aware. I guess that just shows how often I don't use it.

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    Re: space ship earth question

    Just as a reminder, SSE will be closed Feb. 9 - 14.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phonedave View Post
    Well, if your parents can't teach you, maybe you can learn from a taser.

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    Re: space ship earth question

    The only reason SSE's official opening is in February is because there is a big event for Siemens executives and WDI controls the relationship with Siemens. They want to be able to shut down the ride to regular guests for the event. WDI wants to host Siemens at the event and they don't want to turn the ride over to Epcot Ops until after it's over. The ride is done and has been for the past two weeks.

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