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    Super Bowl Sunday at WDW

    I've heard Super Bowl Sunday are crowded at Disneyland... how is at WDW? Any advise?


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    Re: Super Bowl Sunday at WDW

    Well I don't know about WDW because I have never been there. However, you heard wrong about Disneyland. I went to a park meet on Stupid-bowl-Sunday and it was like any other Sunday in January.
    The only way it might be more crowded is if it's unseasonably warm. I went to the January 13th meet and it was 80 and I'm guessing that must have been why it was crowded.

    There are two myths about stupid-bowl-sunday

    1) the park is dead
    2) So many people go to the park because they all think that the park is dead
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    Re: Super Bowl Sunday at WDW

    The MK used to be (years ago). Not sure that it is anymore, though.

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    Re: Super Bowl Sunday at WDW

    I went on Superbowl Sunday the year it was in Tampa last - 2000 or 2001 (I got the hell out of Dodge... traffic heading west on I-4 into Tampa was backed up big time, but east bound towards Orlando was a breeze). Went to MK and if I remember correctly, crowds weren't too bad and were pretty manageable. But back then I didn't like football. Now I watch it every Sunday during the season.

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