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    Any opening info on Toy Story Mania?

    Hi! I haven't been on the boards here for years, but came by hoping some of you WDW regulars might have some inside info.

    First, for my family a Disney trip is a HUGE thing. I wish we were among those of you who go yearly, or monthly, or daily as it seems from some posts, lol! But, we aren't. My older son (then an only) and I went to WDW in '00 and missed the opening of Pooh by about 2 weeks. In '05 both boys and I went to DLR...and missed the opening of Nemo. We're headed back to WDW in May.

    I am really hoping that Toy Story Mania will be open by the time we visit. We'll be there thru June 4th. I can't find any information about even a soft opening. All I see is "Summer '08".

    Does anyone here have any information or know where I should watch to find out the newest info?

    One other question: Photopass. It seems like a good example of the saying "A fool and his money are soon parted." Is there any reason I'd want to do this? Will the photographers take single photos like they do at Disneyland?


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    Re: Any opening info on Toy Story Mania?

    It is expected to have soft openings in April.

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    Re: Any opening info on Toy Story Mania?

    lets hope so. My dates are 5/2 thru 5/11
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