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    Wdi Imagi-nations Design Competition 2008

    Hi, my name is Brendon and I am currently a student at City College San Francisco and a member of the National Organization of Minority Architects. I am searching for team member's to enter in the 2008 Imagi-ations Design Competition. Imagi-Nations is a university design competition created and sponsored by Walt Disney Imagineering with the aim of promoting diversity. The competition enables students to showcase their technical, artistic and creative writing skills by designing a ride, attraction, hotel, resort or themed restaurant, and it gives them the opportunity to earn scholarship money. According to the Disney Imagi-Nations Web site, many past winners have also earned internships with Walt Disney Imagineering, and some have become full-time imagineers. The annual contest allows participants to propose any creative project their imaginations can fashion. To qualify, each team participant must be (1) a college student with Junior or Senior standing, or (2) a recent graduate (within 1 year of graduation), and majoring in one of these disciplines:
    Digital Art / Animation
    Interior Design
    Theater Design
    Construction Management
    Project Management
    Creative Writing
    Fine Art
    Media Production / Interactive
    Or a current member of an Association whose focus includes at least one of the disciplines listed above. Or a current member of a 501 (c)(3) creative arts organization. I have had a passion for disney theme park design for as long as I can remember. When I first heard about the competition I knew I had to enter. I am a very artistic and creative person but not so good at everything else so it would be great if I could team up with someone who has good writing/technological skills. Even though you might not live near San Francisco, we can still work together by exchanging ideas and artwork via the internet. I have been working for months on my concept and I am already creating concept art for my posterboard entry. My idea is not just a ride, but a whole new themed "land" that would be located within Disney's California Adventure. It is called "Pacific Bay", a place that celebrates California's great maritime heritage and coastal grandeur. It would be a major addition to the Pacific Wharf area that currently exists in the park. The theme is a bustling seaport of the early 20th century. Within Pacific Bay, guests will be immersed in a time when California was one of the major stops for sailing vessels bringing cargo to and from exotic locations around the world. The main attraction of Pacific Bay would be an E-ticket thrill ride which enables guests to take a journey across the Pacific ocean in a boat that can not only travel on water, but beneath it also. This new land would be located in the same place where the future "Carsland" is currently planned. But I thought of my idea way before "Carsland" was announced. Plus, the ideas that are submitted for the competition are never considered to become actual attractions (but I wish my idea could).
    Anyways if you are interested and would like to see my artwork and know more info about "Pacific Bay", please send me an email at [email protected]

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    Re: Wdi Imagi-nations Design Competition 2008

    If I could, i would join you (im planning to participate in the competition). But im still in high school and years away of being able to participate.

    I actually had slightly similar idea long ago. i thought it would be a good idea to create an artificial beach and turn/convert paradise pier into a sort of
    theme park-within-a-dock (get it?) that ran straight through the beach. (parts of the roller coaster would touch the water, because its too big) The little mermaid attraction would be housed inside a rock work near the beach, plus the dock would feature shops ,more rides, etc... The optical illusion to create a beach would be achieved by placing mirrors to make the water look endless.
    Im not sure if that is possible, though...

    Anyway, im good (i think) at writing, ideas and i also like the sciences and technology, so if you have any doubts, just ask (for example ride technology that can be used), but that would just be online-help. I hope that you find someone and good luck!

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    Re: Wdi Imagi-nations Design Competition 2008

    I wish i could help, but the best of luck to you! This sounds very interesting.
    Marquis d'Bod of the RCMC... always and forever

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    Re: Wdi Imagi-nations Design Competition 2008

    I would absolutely love to help, but sadly cannot.
    However I do love your idea, particularily about the little mermaid ride entrance in the rocks

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