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    Early Ride Re-Openings After Refurbs?

    Howdy...just picking the brains of the communinty here...we are hitting WDW in a couple weeks, and are planning 13 Feb [Weds] to be our day in the MK. We leave on the 15th, but aren't planning on hitting any more parks after Weds, since the crowds will probably be ratcheting up due to President's Day weekend.

    Anyway, right now Splash Mt is down for winter re-furb, and is scheduled to open again on the 15th. Is there any chance that it might open early? I know *new* rides will usually get the 'soft opening' treatment, but I'm not sure about an old ride re-opening.

    Any help you can give will be great, since it's our fave ride. If we know ahead of time to just forget about it or if there's a good shot it'll be opened up, that will save the boys [ok, me] some angst.


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    Re: Early Ride Re-Openings After Refurbs?

    Actually, Splash Mountain is closed until February 17th and from what I'm hearing, it may be a stretch for it to open by the 18th.

    I can see where you got confused, a lot of websites still have it listed as closed from 1/1/08-2/15/08. It was later changed to 1/4/08-2/17/08. If you want a list of refurbishments that is always on the ball, check this page out often:

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