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    Re: Disney Dining Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by WSVR View Post
    That people complain about the "rif raf" so to speak tells me much more about the persons doing the complaining than it does of any so-called dumbing down of a menu
    I am not sure Ohana would qualify as one of the restaurants that has changed much (though it has somewhat).

    I am going to stick up for Dan and others here. I am certainly not rif-raf, but I grew up with very plain tastes, I have heard the word "pedestrian" to describe my palate. That has changed only in recent years, when I took up cooking in a big way. Prior, when I'd go to a sit-down restaurant, I would want fast-food type items. Burgers, fries, turkey sandwiches, etc. It has nothing to do with someone being rif-raf, it's just people with plain tastes expecting plain food in a restaurant which serves more flavorful and different items.

    The best thing a restaurant can do is to stay true to itself. Boma has done that very well, and is still popular. I think the California Grill hasn't changed a lot (just looking at the menu, I've never had a regular sit-down meal there). I do know that Raglan Roads menu changed (one nice steak item was removed, and other changes to the menu), Wolfgang Puck Cafe also removed a beef item (I believe that was a tenderloin). The DDP has inflicted some damage to menus at Disney. And I do miss having meals without the restaurants being so crowded, but that is good business for Disney.

    I totally agree that the DDP has sent many guests into finer restaurants that ordinarily would be eating in a food court. I have been one of them. Dining is still not a major culinary experience for me, though more than it once was.

    I hope this is legible enough, I'm really tired and have to get up early.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN View Post
    I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
    on Bay Lake.

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    Re: Disney Dining Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by WSVR View Post
    That people complain about the "rif raf" so to speak tells me much more about the persons doing the complaining than it does of any so-called dumbing down of a menu. And it does not speak well of them. These types truly enjoy the food less knowing that the general public has more access to the same places they do.
    This is my second attempt at a response to this - my first attempt about 30 minutes ago was pretty ugly.

    WSVR, you are seeing snobbishness where none was intended. I never used the term "rif raf" or any other derogatory term. I grew up on the poor side of the tracks, and don't have any apologies for that. My day to day dining consists of microwave meals and the occasional pizza. But on vacation I enjoy eating right.

    I don't have the slightest problem with others enjoying fine dining for maybe the first time. If they can expand their palate a bit and experience something they haven't before, then that's a wonderful thing. What I object to is families who go into a Moroccan restaurant and complain because they can't get meat loaf or chicken fried steak. The management of these restaurants are forced to simplify their menus just to keep their clientele happy. There's a frikkin' $25 hamburger on the menu at Chef de France! Completely ridiculous!

    Anyone who has enjoyed WDW restaurants over the past 10 to 15 years will tell you that menus are now much more simple. The Coral Reef menu as of this past December had only SEVEN entrees listed, and only TWO of them were seafood. It used to have 15 to 20 items, and about 2/3 of them were seafood. This used to be a world class dining experience - now it's a faint shadow of its former self. I never thought I'd have a meal in the Coral Reef that didn't satisfy, but this last one was pretty lame. And I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the DDP, and the vast amounts of guests with unsophisticated palates who want simpler fare, and the fact that with these larger crowds Disney doesn't have any incentive to offer truly special and unique menus. There are still some exceptions, of course, like the California Grill - still a spectacular dining experience. But many former favorites just don't hold up like they used to.

    WSVR, your attempt to put some kind of motive to my words was incorrect, and it was frankly insulting. If you want to know my motives for what I say, just ask. Please don't try to incorporate some imaginary reasons for what I've said in previous posts.

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