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    Snow White's Scary Upgrade

    ORDDU: Greetings to all you Snow White fans out there, who happen to also be ducklings and goslings. On Saturday, 2/2/08, my sisters and I got the itch to swoop down into the Magic Kingdom. While there we noticed several attraction closures in place--one of them being Snow White's Scary Adventures.

    ORWEN: Yeah and there was this nice elderly cast member standing outside the walled off ride entance. So, since we couldn't ride Snow White, we decided to ride him, instead.

    ORGOCH: An' believe me when I tell ya he's flatter 'n a pancake after havin' Orwen's butt all over his scrawny body!

    ORDDU: Be that as it may, we inquired as to what improvements we could expect for Snow White in the future. He told us that some new sensors were being installed onto the moving floor elemets, so that whenever a guest tries to exit the ride vehicle, the entire ride will shut down completely to prevent injury.

    ORWEN: He said Winnie the Pooh already has that same protective feature but that Snow White did NOT have it--until now.

    ORDDU: Of course I don't know why ANY guest would want to try climbing out of a ride vehicle while in motion. Are guests just becoming more ignorant as time goes by? Or are they auditioning for some type of reality program which requires them to show off how many dangerous stunts they can get by with?

    ORGOCH: Got fools?

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    Re: Snow White's Scary Upgrade

    That's a ride that CM will remember forever!
    I want my cake back!

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    Re: Snow White's Scary Upgrade

    Disappointing. The MK's Snow White needs all the help in can get. It needs major inprovements in the queue design, show elements and overall quality. Concidering this version tells the Snow White story in sequence and because of it's poipularity, it's a real shame this ride is dead last in showmanship and quality when compared to it's sister versions at DL, TDL and especially DLP.

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