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    Re: Can someone confirm Space Mountain's refurb?

    Quote Originally Posted by WDW1974 View Post
    I don't know what 'evidence' you've found, but I will say that Space Mountain should have definitely been gutted and rebuilt at some point in the 1990s.

    It is sad and laughable that it is running in its current state and that fans defend it.
    all i can say is this....ive seen hidden documents that were stored in a very obscure location that detailed all the reasons that the refurb was pushed back since 1989. This even includes lists of parts on back order and such
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRockr View Post
    Space Junk once taught Peter Pan how to do Mick Jagger's famous strut.

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    Re: Can someone confirm Space Mountain's refurb?

    Quote Originally Posted by lazyboy97O View Post
    I don't know. "Space Mountain, ride it before it collapses again." lacks any sort of mention of dreams and/or magic. How else will I know it is the vastly superior dream filled DisneyPark product?
    Space Mountain: Live the dream! Ride it before the magic wears out (and it collapses again)...MUCH better.

    Frankly, although I think the Hollywood coaster sounds interesting, I think it has issues. For example, on the music selection, is that on-ride or afterwards for your music video? How broad is the range of songs? How do you input them? HOW ARE THEY GOING TO STREAMLINE THIS PROCESS FOR A ROLLER COASTER? How are they going to handle the music video demand? Just things like that...

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