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    Re: What's up with the WDW website?

    Woah, I think we share a brain, KC! I like the look of Disney's site, but the technical execution, lacking. I'm a web developer/graphic designer so it irks me that the website is so NOT user-friendly.

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    Re: What's up with the WDW website?

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney.....the worst website around! Working directly with them is not much easier, since most of the reps use the website for bookings.
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    Re: What's up with the WDW website?

    Yeah its been off lately.

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    Re: What's up with the WDW website?

    Quote Originally Posted by BigPigletFan View Post
    Good luck booking your next visit Aimster!
    Oh it's all booked... through I end up almost always using them.

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