Just Been Surveyed About Night Kingdom
I'm a member of a survey panel and I never get any decent surveys - usually things about shopping and mobile phones. Well today someone posted about Night Kingdom earlier and I hadn't heard of it but thought it sounded interesting. Later on when checking my e-mails I had one from the survey and as I wasn't busy I logged in to take part as it said it was about travel and destinations. Got a load of non-specific questions about holidays and then straight into details of Night Kingdom (kinda spooky!!!) - including a great video showing the concept, story boards and imagineers. There was no way to save the video and when I tried to cut & paste the park details it said my cut & paste was disabled whilst I was on this page so I'm afraid I couldn't get anything to pass on.

However, if Disney can pull this one off it looks well worth a trip. The storyboards were fantastic. I was surveyed about preferred opening hours 4pm-2am or 5pm-1am and about a range of dining experiences and drinks as well as pricing. Questions were around would you be willing to pay x price for your party. Was also asked to comment on the fact that anyone who had a 4 day or more ticket purchased to Disney would get a discount - they were trying various %ages form 10%-30% and trying to gauge what the market may take pricewise.

In terms of offering it is similar to Discovery Cove and the word "premium" was well used in relation to experience and pricing so it will not be cheap and will be similar and probably a bt more than DC from what I could see. They seemed to be getting opinion on sit-down fine dining versus a more informal "tasting station" type dinner with different foods representing the four areas being covered Africa, South East Asia, South Sea Islands and one other(sorry!)

They also asked about expectations of beverages with this "premium" experience i.e. would I expect it to be complimentary, comp with dinner or for drinks to be available to buy at stations etc.

One of the final questions was about if you would be interested in having the option for one of your party to do all the experiences zip-lining, animal interaction etc and for other members of your party to have access to the park and the dining experience so much like DC swim/non-swim package.

You'll be pleased to know I responded on behalf of ALL Dibbers to the question "If the park opened tomorrow would you visit within the next 12 months?" !!!!

The price ranges they were looking at varied quite widely - anything from 140 fro all tickets up to 250 including dinner but with 30% discount if you have a 4 day or more ticket. Don't know if the UK type tickets were included in this as they referred to MYW so guess we'll have to wait and see.

I can't believe I was on my own when the video was on DH & DD were out!!!

No timescales were given on this at all but they were showing clips and I'm not sure where they were from but lookd fantastic.

Will certainly be keeping my eyes open now for more info and if I get anything else through I'll be sure to pass it on.