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    Re: Discovery River Boats at Ak

    They added the iguanadon to the pre-show too (quite poorly I might add). I forget when the whole "your mission is a secret so don't tell anyone" part, but it wasn't in the original attraction.

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    Re: Discovery River Boats at Ak

    I'd love to see any pictures y'all have. Aomething does make me think that it was the iguanadon in the river, but hey, that was 10 years ago.

    They should try to retheme it or do SOMETHING other then leaving everything to rot. If any of you have seen the Jungle cruise in Hong Kong, the river is just as wide as discovery river and probably longer, so they can't just wander around saying, "Oh, too much space...too much to do..." Or the timeless "not in the budget ". So its not in the budget to save a park that is really only being kept afloat (excuse the pun) by EE?

    stupid eisner.....

    Eisner: *thows the keys to Iger* Heh, it's your headache now!

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