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    I hate to admit it, but in an Anime, Hello Kitty, kinda way the Orange Bird is incredibly cool. I know, it's inspid. but that's just it. After seeing all that Japanese Ebay stuff I'm intrigued. I coould see it with bold outlines as a powerpuff styled character. now I'm really excited. Love that Orange bird, especially if it had superpowers and did really harsh stuff unintentionally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cousin Orville
    Love that Orange bird, especially if it had superpowers and did really harsh stuff unintentionally.
    LOL NOOOOOOOOOOOO this is a simple huggable thing from many peoples childhood. No super powers, no cartoons, just something that used to be at MK.



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    well, in a way Orange bird did have some weird powers; he couldnt speak, so he communicated through thoughtforms that took on a visable shape,that then would dissappear in a puff of pink smoke. This is how he appeared in the Anita Bryant commercials, and how she sings about him in the little orange bird song for one of the records made about him. If memory serves there was a total of 3 records made; the song 45, the later expanded song and story 33, and the even later (like way past his prime) record that went with the film slides for schools that starred the orange bird and was concerning health and nutrition.
    The orange bird "boom" of recent years was due to the fact that in the (umm early 80s? sorry I will have to listen to my fanzine again to know for sure its been a while) they found a old warehouse cache of hundreds of plastic orange bird banks that were never sold, somehow they sort of got lost for almost 15 years. So suddenly Many tourist spots were once again flooded with orange bird merchandise, that hadnt had it for years, and many people nostalgically remembered the little guy so it started this merchandise frenzy for him that is going on today.

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