Trip report
Animal Kingdom Villas Dvc

April 18th Travel day ..
Arrive Mc @ 11:15 pm got to Alamo to get Rent a Car with reservation.
Wait for a total of 1 1/2 hours for a car (truck) finally get one get the manager to give me free fuel..Yippy

Start the drive to WDW Get to Animal Kingdom Villas , Check in get a value studio for my First two nights it was bigger then expected the room look no different for the studio in the 2 bdr (club Level).. The view was of the Pool and the savanna behind the pool yes there was animals there too.

April 19th Family day In Dunedin Fl

Had a reservation at Kona café for Breakfast 8:30 am
The food was out of this world good And I got my press pot coffee (keep me from getting grumpy)..
Wife had the two eggs your way
Daughter had Tonga toast (Yummy)
Son Had French toast
I had the Big Kahuna (totally awesome)_

April 20th Pool Day
Breakfast in the Club lounge Very good offering and total awesome coffee (I am a coffee nut)
Lunch was the Mara all was great
Dinner 1900 Park Fare

The above food all was on the DDP it was all done fantastic with no long wait (sorry Viking) This food has no suffered due to the volume of people hitting the restaurants..
This was the Fist day in the 2BDR in the CLUB LEVEL this room was facing the sunset savanna Right off the bat we had Ostriches complete with nest and eggs see the pictures on web shots..We also had Grant’s Zebra, Ankole Cattle and Reticulated Giraffe..

Now the animal what stole the show on this savanna is the Baby Grant’s Zebra
All this animal did was play and bug the others and chase birds.
The room was Very nice the decorations were On spot I did not however find it too dark at anytime I also liked the nightly turn down and daily mousekeeping..
Furthermore the room had plenty of storage and was THE BIGGEST 2 BDR That I have ever been in on Property..
Also I got to actually meet Don from planning this day and thank him for all his help..

April 21th Magic Kingdom Day
Breakfast 8:05 am Crystal Palace (cash)
The wait was about 5 min food was great per the normal…
Off too the favorite ride Buzz Lightyear
Then stich, and then the good one space mountain and thunder mountain and splash mountain..all just as fun as the first time..
Lunch cosmic rays you can not beat this place for lunch YUMMY
Now off too PC wait 45 mins and poof down we are parked out and head Back to Animal Kingdom Lodge to get some pool time in before supper.
Supper Cape May Café 7:05pm Food was good not great just good (Viking) they just did not have it up too par..
10:00 Fantasmic awesome the crowds were not too bad getting out either.

April 22 Epcot Day
Breakfast Concierge awesome offering bagels breads muffins and hot cereal Juices coffee milk and Tea.
Off to the park we had too hit the garden show stuff and the rides Energy ride and Test track and most of all Mission space totally awesome.
Now we got hungry and went to the electric umbrella one of our party had the new salad from there within 25 min she was vomiting and had The Poops!!!
We barely made it to get a Gray goose slushy. Then it was back to the hotel and made some calls.(she was sick for two days due to this and bed ridden) we did get fast passes for dhs for the next day
Dinner at concourse steak house at 7:10 for 6 not 7 .The meal was good not great I think the closing has effected this stop in a big way.
April 23 Disney studio Day
Breakfast Concierge (loved this option)
Rides rides rides hit them all and the lights motor action are wonderful still the back lot tour was totally changed and not as good at all .
Lunch pizza planet (YUMMY)
Back to resort for POOL TIME
Dinner Le Cellier 7:50 Pm This was by far the best meal of the week and the best drink Ice wine martini the food was perfect and done properly The steak was so tender I did not need to use a knife..
Wife had strip she said it was great she also had the shrimp and the crème Brulee
Daughter had NY strip and a choc raspberry shake with the cheese cake she love everything
Son (who has a dairy problem) had pork plain with a sour apple frz and a bowl of rice dream with dairy free cookies.
I had the ny strip with Tomato stack of course the ice wine martini and a La fin Du Mode (wheat beer) and the Canadian club cake.
The wait staff was awesome the food was out of this world But then it always is here..

April 24 Animal Kingdom Day
6:30 In the Concierge club waiting for the SUNRISE SAFARI this is truly the best thing I have ever done on Disney PERIOD. We had a wonderful guide and a great thing happened we were followed by an Ostrich for a good part of the tour he kept poking his head into the truck to make sure we were still with him.I have a Boat load of picture to sort threw and I am going to include a link to my web shoot for all of you too look at (that may take a few days)

Typical sea world day run around and try to make everything and miss most. The food SUCKS!!!!

Supper Chef Mickey’s 5:35 pm

Food was good not great they use way too much cheese on everything (not good with a dairy problem in the party)
Good Blue glow martinis..

April 26 shopping day and Pool day
Breakfast Concierge (yummy)
Lunch Mara this is a great counter service (yummy)
Pool time was goo till we had lunch we saved 7 chair with all our stuff on it went and had lunch can back to a fat bald guy sitting right smack dab in the middle of out 7 seat I asked him why he moved my stuff he replied I did not I said yes you did and the fun began.

I said I had a party of 7 with my Boston accent then he said the janitor moved it so he took the seats and then I said that he was rude he then told me to go PArRK MY CAAR. At which Time I basically was going to lose it and said a few nasty commits to him and searched for new seat which I found on the other side of the pool. To my dismay they (seats) happened to be right next to his damn wife who most likely can not stand him either cause she was sitting far away from Him..
This made Gray goose time happen early lol..
Supper came so we went to Everything POP food court. One thing here the food is basically good food .. Nothing to rave about .
Now later that night I had To load up the car at 12:00pm and poof the Jonas Brother pulled up seems all the Disney Kids stars were at AKL.. that is the staging hotel for them for this weeks fun at Disney.

Trip over all was great Disney did give us 14 one day passes that non expire due to the other lady in our party getting sick along with the special fast passes.