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Thread: I miss this...

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    Re: I miss this...

    I still think those Leave a Legacy stones make the entrance plaza look like a graveyard.

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    Re: I miss this...

    Quote Originally Posted by WDW Monorail View Post
    Don't worry. It won't be that way for much longer.

    (By the way... I'm indifferent about the LaL pieces. My picture is up there and I really love them at night.)
    Yeah, I have a "stamp" too. I bought it on the last day though.

    I would love to see more added back to that fountain, but until then will enjoy the palm trees with fun colored lights.

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    Re: I miss this...

    Funny, most of the LaL tiles are getting old and faded and I've heard there's no plans to replace the older ones with copies, so eventually I think they'll get so bad they won't be clear to make out anyone's faces.

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    Re: I miss this...

    My pic is part of one of the earliest panels, and you can really see the age in comparison to the newer ones. But I can tell that it's still me up there, even if no one else cares!

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