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    Trivia Question, Question.

    My wife receives a trivia question every now and then from "Dave" (whoever he is) at the Disney Insider web page. Today's question was, What was the first thrill ride in Tomorrowland to be operated by a computer? The answer he gave was Space Mountain. To this I disagreed stating that when Matterhorn first opened it was officially part of Tomorrowland, but was later "moved" to Fantasyland because of theming, and Fantasyland Autopia was "moved" to Tomorrowland to make up for losing Matterhorn. So wouldn't this make Matterhorn the first Tomorrowland thrill ride operated by a computer?
    Thanks for any answers on this.
    Pat O'Brien
    Disneyland Theme Park Operations 1978-2001

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    Re: Trivia Question, Question.

    Dave Smith is the founder and director of the Walt Disney Company archives, and has written several Disney trivia books, I question a lot of "sources", but I wouldn't question him.

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