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Obviously, tram drivers today don't have to worry about dodging cars and so forth. But does it take a lot more skill to drive the newer trams with so many more cars?
There was an actual preplanned pick up and loading areas for each section of the parking lot. Many times we'd have to drive along areas that we had tagged with cones so that people wouldn't park in an area and of course they would. There were lots of tight spots but you got used to how the tram handled and knew your limitations. It got to be sort of a competition on those days where we'd have a small space to drive thru to see how close we'd get.

Rear Tram people were in charge of asking where people parked but we definitely had a planned out pick up/drop off areas. You wouldn't know it unless you were a regular or CM.

Rainy Days in the old lot stunk. You'd have to wear this ugly plastic orange rain coat, pants and sometimes plastic on your shoes. It'd get hot but you couldn't change or get soaked. Especially being a Rear Tram person. But it could be fun, we used to "cone ski" on slow days.

The new lot is much nicer and much more convenient. I personally think it is a much better and easier system than the old lot.