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    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post
    The Orange Stinger actually smelled of oranges? I rode it a fair number of times since 2007 and I can't seem to recall it smelling that way.
    When I took a bunch of photos of the ride in 2007, there was no orange scent. I imagine that the orange scent, like the bee seats, was an idea that seemed better in concept than it turned out to be in reality. I don't know how long they pumped the scent into the ride.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victoria View Post
    And is Silly Symphony Swings simply going to be the Orange Stinger ride rethemed or is Disney knocking the ride down and installing a brand new one? The one in the concept art looks a lot taller.
    It should be the same Wave Swinger mechanism, with a major cosmetic makeover.

    Concept art and promotional art often exaggerate.

    However, in this case, you might be surprised how impressive and large the ride will look once the orange has been peeled away. A 48-seat Wave Swinger really is a large, impressive ride. That's one reason I ran the photo of the 48-seat Wave Swinger at Navy Pier in Chicago. The orange had no sense to scale, so it looked smaller than it really was. And it made the ride look much smaller than it really is.
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    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    I had no idea about the Bee Butt seats, those are classic! I'm sorry I never rode it with those... I first rode it back in 2006 I think.

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    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    Fabulous article. We were in DL for the week spanning our two kids' birthdays (July 9 and 14) and knowing the Stinger was shutting down, I was desparate to get the kids on the ride. We rode it on July 13, unknowing it was the last day of operation.

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    Re: July 14, 2009: Orange Stinger

    My hubby and I were lucky enough to get to ride in the "bee butts" during the preview weekend. What I did not realize, was how quickly the "bee butts" went away...the next time we had gone was a few months later and they were gone...but I had no clue they only lasted a couple of weeks.
    I'm a bit of a fraidy cat so I kind of liked being in the orange...less chance of flying off into the water. I am excited for the new swings though...
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