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    Re: July 27, 2010: Katella Avenue Myth

    Great article Werner. I love stuff like this.

    Hopefully this great bus driver is a reader and will have the correct information ... it's still a great story either way.

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    Re: July 27, 2010: Katella Avenue Myth

    What a great article! And Walt was right... Katella is a fine name. Ever since I was a little kid still living in So. Cal., whenever we see "Katella" on a freeway sign, my heart goes pitter-patter.

    I have a funny to share re: Walt's children... A number of years ago, a friend and fellow Disney nut (bigger than me, even - she's decorated several rooms in her home in Mickey-style) forwarded a chain e-mail that suggested everyone share it with tons of friends because Microsoft was working with Walt Disney, Jr. to offer all participants free tickets to Disney World.

    Imagine her reaction - this big, ol' Disney nut - when I had to tell her that not only are those e-mails always a bunch of bunk, but also that Walt had two daughters and NO sons. Heh heh heh... I got a kinda sick sense of satisfaction in that, I have to admit.
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