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    The Insides Of The Plantation House

    During my first and only trip to Disneyland in 2003 I went on the Haunted Mansion. While waiting in line, I decided to take a peak through the windows of the Plantation House door. And what did I see? Carpeting, candles, furniture, wallpaper, Etc.. From that day on I've always had a lingering question in my mind. Is the interior of the facade of the Haunted Mansion a real recreation of a Southern Plantation?

    I know full well that the Plantation was built way before The Haunted Mansion attraction was installed. I too also know that the Houses in other parks are empty shells just for the Elevator. I also know that the Haunted Mansion takes place in a show building out side the berm, and that the Stretching Rooms are located in a separate wing of the Mansion.

    So, what gives?

    What is in this building?:

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    Re: The Insides Of The Plantation House

    There was a recent thread about the same topic. (The search feature is your friend!)

    Unfortunately, you must be mistaken. The consensus is generally that it is just a basic structure.
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