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    May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    Go to the beach—Reboundo Beach—for a game of skill. You have the skill, don’t you?

    Please discuss it here.
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    Re: May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    I'm glad it has been removed.

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    Re: May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    I completely agree. The mindset that would allow such standard carny schlock both in DCA and in DAK is just mind blowing!

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    Re: May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    They might have been more popular if they had better prizes, like win an ice cream or a coupon 20% off merchandise, something more creative or useful than a stuffed animal to drag around with you the rest of the day.
    Hello everyone!

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    Re: May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    I just shake my head in disgust, the bad punny name, the concept, the prizes, the fact that it is the sort of carny junk that Walt was trying to avoid like the plague. I can stomach the redesigned Disney versions, but I still roll my eyes at the Dinorama version. The name Dinorama says it all.

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    Re: May 20, 2011: Reboundo Beach

    Gone again an original location.

    Now the Tower of Sauron has fallen
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