I'm a big fan of the often-maligned Disney film "The Black Hole", and one of my fondest WDW memories is connected to the movie as well. I was at Magic Kingdom in early 1980 during the peak of Disney's hype for the film (it had premiered in theaters just a couple months before) and the stores on Main Street were filled with Black Hole merchandise. The highlight was a set of animated 3-d displays in the Emporium windows recreating scenes from the film. As a kid into models, I was fascinated with these displays and probably spent way too much time staring at them, much to the dismay of my family.

I have been scouring the web off and on for years looking for any photographic evidence of these displays. So far the only clues I have found are some brief mentions on various blogs and pics of a few of the figures used in the displays (see link below). It has become a minor obsession with me to find pictures of these displays, of the merchandise, etc.- if anyone has anything I'd be eternally greatful to see even a glimpse of these again!

The film came out around Christmas 1979, so I imagine the time frame would have been from sometime earlier that year to well into 1980.

Black Hole WDW Window Display - a set on Flickr