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    Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    The real Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles has been gone since 1969. A replica is the new focal point of Disney California Adventure. But this isn’t the first time that Disney’s Imagineers have paid tribute to the Carthay Circle Theatre.

    Please discuss it here.
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    Re: Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    It's to bad that the real Carthay Circle Theater was torn down many years ago and replaced with an ugly office building.

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    Re: Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    GREAT article today, Werner! Thank you.

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    Re: Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    Hey Werner,
    I don't know if you saw this that I posted on the main board:

    The Interior Of The Actual Carthay Circle Theater Today

    Thanks for another informative article.
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    Re: Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    I think it makes a great park weenie "castle" - those big, fancy theaters weren't called "movie palaces" for nothing!

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    Re: Mar. 23, 2012: The Carthay Circle Theatres (plural) at DHS

    Wonderful Article! Buena Vista Street (if it opens on time,) looks to have elements from the shelved Maroon Toon Studios Expansion for MGM(DHS) (The Red Car Trolley System) and the shelved 1920's Main Street USA for DLP (Oswald's Gas Station.) That's my observation on the renewed entrance land.

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