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    July 6, 2012: The Disneyland Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

    Here's how you can visit Disneyland's Miniature Horse Corral, Bone Carving Shop, Jimmy Starr’s Show Business Souvenirs, and Sunny-View Farms Jams & Jellies.

    Please discuss it here.
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    Re: July 6, 2012: The Disneyland Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

    I'm currently reading the 2008 version of that book courtesy of my public library. I must say I'm a fan and need a copy of one of the newer versions in my collection. Probably would be a boring read for those NOT disney obsessed..but if you love the park..and live breath eat and bleed disney you will enjoy it.
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    Re: July 6, 2012: The Disneyland Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

    I've read the blue copy twice. It's utterly dog-eared and I love it. It's my favorite of all Disney books.

    For some some great trip reports, features and reviews, please check out

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