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    Re: That crazy "if you drain the Submarine Voyage lagoon, something will sink" rumor

    I would sincerely hope that the Monorail pylons weren't relying on the lagoon's water...

    The thing is, the sub lagoon has been drained before, and for an extended period of time. And the Monorail continued to operate normally.

    I still really wonder about all of this though. What I wouldn't give to ask some old-school Imagineers about this...

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    Re: That crazy "if you drain the Submarine Voyage lagoon, something will sink" rumor

    Quote Originally Posted by fifthrider View Post
    I recall when the lagoon was first drained about 10 years ago the monorail pylons started to crack and have structural issues. It turns out the weight and pressure of the water pressing against them was intended to be part of their structure. Depriving them of the water pressure gave way to undue stress. Right from the start they were never designed to be out of water. To a non-engineering amateur it would seem "What's the difference? It's all concrete and steel?" but to an engineer who designs bridges, bridge supports, dams and anything else that has to consider the contribution of forces of water, it's a huge consideration that has to be factored in at the design level.
    As an engineer... I call baloney on all of this.

    1) there was no work done to the monorail stuff in the lagoon during nemo's build out
    2) water pressure would not provide any sort of stabilizing force for the pylon because
    a) they are barely under water (water pressure comes from DEPTH)
    b) water displaces too easily to be a reliable support
    3) concrete is used specifically for it's resistance to compression. The idea that concrete once removed from water would somehow lose it's functionality because of a reduction in environmental pressure is just polar opposite from what concrete is actually used for.
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    Re: That crazy "if you drain the Submarine Voyage lagoon, something will sink" rumor

    Quote Originally Posted by fifthrider View Post
    Real - If you drain the lagoon it turns out the pressure from the water was needed for supports in the lagoon.
    What supports in the lagoon do you think were designed to rely on water pressure?

    I doubt that would ever even make it through permitting.
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