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    Re: Oct. 20, 2006: Burning Settler's Cabin

    There are many little things that make Disneyland so magical. It is so sad
    to see that the park has lost many of these things.
    Walt Disney wouldn't have cared how much it would have cost to replace the
    pipes over to the cabin. Disneyland management souldn't take away these
    wonderful little pieces of "magic" that have made Disneyland what it is.
    I think that if the ones at Disneyland who could really fix this cabin and
    restore it to the way it was were to take a few minutes and read about Walt Disney
    they would learn a little about what Disneyland and Walt's dream were all about.
    " Too expensive to repair the pipes? " I wonder what Walt would have said to
    that. Maybe someday.......someone with a love for the park will be in a position
    to carry on his dreams and wishes. Until then we are left with a beautiful landmark
    attraction whose flame has gone out.

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    Re: Oct. 20, 2006: Burning Settler's Cabin

    I'm guessing the PC issue may have tilted the balance against the expense of fixing the gas pipes.

    At Disneyland, when they decided it couldn't be burning because of an Indian... er... Native American attack, they came up with a progression of less and less plausible stories.

    For a while, the old guy remained on the ground, but the arrows were all removed and they put up a still (as in making moonshine) next to the cabin. So the old guy had a little too much and the cabin was burning because the still blew up.

    That wasn't PC either, though, so they took out the old guy and added an eagle's nest. Now the mother eagle was trying to rescue her young ones before the burning cabin turned into a forest fire.

    So, are the eagles still out there now even though the cabin's not burning? Does the narration mention them at all if they are there?

    Slightly off topic... one of the stranger things on the river front at Disneyland was the Halloween when they put little ghost sheets over the gophers who popped up out of the abandoned mine train.

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