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    Red Face yester Sea World and other parks

    Are there sites that have photos of the old
    days of Sea World San Diego, Orlando or OH.
    I wanting to find Photos of the Old Sparkletts Water Show (68-91).
    (Original show, Four Seasons, California Dreamin).
    Star Kis Underwater show, and other attractions now
    gone. I found recently photos from 73 trip to Sea World as well as late 70s trip, but non of the shows mentioned.

    Also does anyone knwo of other sites that are of past attractions of
    WDW Parks, SF Magics, Knotts, Movieland (now CLosed), and
    Universal City, CA.
    Be nice to see these parks as they envolved over the years.
    I do have Info i need to find that was sent to me, of Sea World CA
    evolution, from 64 to 92, i need to find, and scan in.

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    Re: yester Sea World and other parks

    Here is one for Universal Studios Hollywood.
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    Re: yester Sea World and other parks

    I've only been to Sea World once and have nothing to share.

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    Re: yester Sea World and other parks

    Quote Originally Posted by phruby View Post
    Here is one for Universal Studios Hollywood.
    Great site! Some of those attractions bring back memories. I remember seeing the Wild West stunt show. After the show I got a photo of the one actress that was in it in 1994. I forgot her name but later I saw her on TV in a few episodes of Northern Exposure. I'll try and find the photo and post it here.

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    Re: yester Sea World and other parks

    I remember the Wild west show as well as the Six Millon show, and
    Galatica show, that once was on the tour.

    The one things i never got to see and there both closed
    are Prop Plaza and from what been said, the Collapsing Bridge, as of recent are closed.

    We even got to ride the old CAndy CAne Glam Trams.
    Cept ours was stuck for 2 hrs waiting for a tow truck

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