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    Re: Feb. 5, 2007: Eureka! - The California Adventure Parade

    Quote Originally Posted by cellarhound View Post
    Nah, I think his analysis is fairly apt, actually... Just one more thing that seemed disjointed about the park... That also made the park seem even less Disney...

    that doesn't mean what they tried to do wasn't honorable... It is just from looking at it, the whole "spirit of Eurika" themey type thing really doesn't work... It makes no sense to me or to everyone else... and I know it comes from the California Seal, but 1. who cares, 2. why make it a multi cultural thing when it is very grecian/romanesque, and 3. why build a parade based on it?

    I mean, like the way people don't get the "steping into the postcard" thing, the whole "spirit of eureka" thing people didn't get either...
    Did you ever see it? I ask because your other posting suggests that you didn't.

    I am of the opinion that everything about the show worked except for a few body-suit costumes that were quickly modified and a few lyrics that might not have been as polished as they should be. Also, I always understood the shape-shifting goddess depicted in each unit to be Califia from Golden Dreams and from The Exploits of Esplandian, even though I know Davison gave her the name, "Eureka", for some strange reason. The whole affair was a solid effort, though, through and through, and it tied the entire park together in a way that gave D.C.A. a coherence, which the park, now, most assuredly lacks.

    Incidentally, Michael Eisner also axed the original version of "Steps in Time", which I was lucky enough to see. During employee previews, the show was presented as a gala salute to The Walt Disney Studios from 1928 to 2001. And, the event was really quite impressive, although, if it was made more an historical retrospective with production numbers arranged chronologically, the presentation would have been even better. Before those scenes could be rearranged, though, Eisner got his grubby hands on the show, fired the director, and added the streetwalker/fairy godmother and the two brats, while also demolishing a proscenium that cost the company millions of dollars.

    The brain trust in T.D.A. at the time decided, afterwards, to take the electrical parade out of storage and stick the thing in the new park where it just does not belong. I've seen the cavalcade there once, and I have no desire to experience it again.

    I would love for "Eureka!" and for a new show like the original "Steps in Time" to be added to D.C.A. And, I would also be happy if the Main Street Electrical Parade, or a new version of that event, returned to Disneyland proper.

    D.C.A. really needs to have the various peoples of California represented, and the "Eureka!" festival did exactly that.
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    Re: Feb. 5, 2007: Eureka! - The California Adventure Parade

    The Eureka parade is an admirable project and was perhaps too ahead of its time to be really appreciated; and was put out when DCA was getting its worst publicity ever and smallest crowds.

    Coming out of the gate, DCA needed maybe a different type of parade that did showcase Disney characters in a parade that celebrates the different sections of the park. (hollywood, farm, golden state, pier, and all in between).

    Then later should they put out a special parade like Eureka that celebrates the anniversary of when CA became CA and a tribute to all the people that make this great state what it is.

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    Re: Feb. 5, 2007: Eureka! - The California Adventure Parade

    From the sound of it, it appears that it was an easier target then fixing the genuine problems of DCA, such as it's theming woes. It's kind of hard for a parade to pull attendance, when the park isn't doing great numbers to begin with. Sadly, I see this attitude in large corporations all too often. It's like blaming your suit for making you look fat, when what you really need is to go on a diet.

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    Talking Re: Feb. 5, 2007: Eureka! - The California Adventure Parade

    A big "Thank You" to Yesterland for recognizing this terrific parade. When I was out to Disneyland for a week in 2007, I caught this parade almost every day we were there. Depending on the weather (wind) and what performers that were there that day, it always made for a different parade. At first we thought it was supposed to be that way until we asked one of the Cast Members there.

    When I'm in a down mood I put in my California Adventure CD and play the Eureka! track. Always brings my mood up!

    I'll have to break down of these days and purchase a DVD with the parade on it so I can relive a great memory!
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    Re: Feb. 5, 2007: Eureka! - The California Adventure Parade

    Hear! Hear! what MarkBear said. Thank you, Yesterland, for recognizing this awesome first parade at DCA. Way ahead of it's time, but brilliant, if only it had been executed a *little* bit better.

    Speaking of DVDs and videos, there is one example of Eureka currently on YouTube. Anyone else have some more sites to go to to see the parade at different angles and with different casts?

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