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    Animal Kingdom Furnitue

    It is hard to beleive that Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge is already on its first rehab . That means the original opening day furniture (which is amazing) is now on the market. As many may have heard, they are converting the 5th floor forDVC members. the furniture is the hand carved armoire, three drawer dresser, mosquitto netting and many more ammenities. the coolest part of the room in my opinion our the comforters which is an african print with hidden mickeys which i hear have to go to the shreader and that is always the sad part. Just look on eBay under animal kingdom to find the furniture. have a magical day.

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    Re: Animal Kingdom Furnitue

    I saw that on Mousesurplus, mortom. I was surprised as well. Mousesurplus may have the beadspreads, they usually do. In fact, I bought a Wilderness Lodge bedspread from them as well as an armoire and a few other things.

    I didn't think the AK furniture was very pretty, the colors are so dark and you have to like lizards...

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