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    Re: Pictures from Disneyland in 1993

    I loved the last picture too <sniff>

    "I dream of the day when you can go to a drive through, purchase alcohol, tobacco, and bullets, and use them all before you get home" -- Dogbert

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    Re: Pictures from Disneyland in 1993

    Regarding the post above about how to transfer video from VHS to the computer: I had the same issue. When I bought our new video camera a couple of years ago, I got one that had video INPUT jacks, as well as output. The purpose here is to run the VHS into the camcorder, and then downloading from the camcorder to the computer as you normally would. Time consuming, but it works great.
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    Re: Pictures from Disneyland in 1993

    I LOVED these photos! Thank you so much!!! If I had a better grasp of my scanner, I'd do mine too. I've taken my kids since about 1986, and we have a ton of photos. Remember the Dick Tracy times? haha!

    Great photos down memory lane.

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    Re: Pictures from Disneyland in 1993

    That guy's Launchpad (McQuak, I believe)
    Yup, it's Launchpad, the best crash testing pilot around .
    Thanks you two!!

    Thanks for posting the pics of your family. I wish you would have posted a pic now so we can see how you grew all up.

    So nice to see the skyway going through the Matterhorn also...oh, those were the days!

    Thanks for sharing.
    You're welcome! Oh, that's a good idea. ^^ I'll put up a recent picture at the end of this post.

    Man you were tiny in 1993... I turned 19 that year!
    Heheh yup! I'm only turning 15 this year

    Here I am, age 14. ^^ This was actually taken about two weeks ago at Disney World!

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